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APlusWisdom solidifies its standing as a preeminent school management system software, harmonising technology with education to craft an environment of modern learning and administrative finesse.


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I like how teachers, administrators, parents, and students can communicate. Plus the points system is great.

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Student Information System

The student database is the centerpiece of our student information system. It is fully integrated with all other features within Aplus Wisdom, and offers a centralized view for school administrators, and teachers, to quickly find the information they need. Through powerful access right controls, you determine what information is available and what is shared with others.

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Holistic Portals :APlusWisdom integrates parent, teacher, and student portals to facilitate smooth communication and collaboration. This interconnected ecosystem ensures caregivers stay informed, educators manage assignments effectively, and students access learning resources conveniently.


Effortless Assignment Management - APlusWisdom simplifies teacher assignment tasks, enabling seamless creation, monitoring, and feedback. Real-time progress tracking provides insights, allowing educators to offer personalised guidance and enhance the teaching-learning experience.


Interactive Group Creation - APlusWisdom's dynamic group feature transcends traditional classrooms, fostering student discussions and collaboration. Peer learning and diverse perspectives amplify engagement, nurturing vital skills like teamwork and communication.


Transparency via Parent Communication - The parent portal in APlusWisdom establishes transparent communication on student progress, attendance, and school events. Parents are empowered to support their child's academic journey actively.


Fostering Student Independence - APlusWisdom's student portal empowers learners with direct access to assignments, grades, and resources. It cultivates self-reliance, time management, and a proactive approach to learning.


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